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NEW interview: David Talks Travel as Students Prep for Tianjin
David meditates on his career in Chinese medicine, provides a peek into the details of the upcoming trip, and doses out some useful advice on how to stay healthy while traveling abroad.

Why Should I Eat Organic Food?
The above article discusses why it is important to eat organic foods and live "an organic lifestyle." It discusses the issues from the standpoint of health, economic sustainability, and social responsibility. Additionally this article outlines and explains the most important foods to eat organically.

The Shopper's Guide Magnet

The Shopper's Guide Magnet is a beautiful postcard-sized refrigerator magnet that serves as wonderful reminder of which foods are most important to eat organically. Included in this article are the reasons why it is so important to eat these foods organically.

"Alternative" Remedies for the Common Cold
The common cold is caused by one of two viruses: the rhinovirus, during all times of the year and the influenza virus, which is primarily restricted to the winter months. While antibiotics may help with an associated secondary bacterial infection, they do not help to remedy the common cold or flu, and in fact may exacerbate symptoms by killing pro-biotic flora in the intestines. This article details some traditional remedies that fall into one of three categories: those that will help alleviate symptoms; those that will strengthen the immune system, which may make symptoms less severe and/or decrease the frequency of colds; and those that will shorten the duration of the cold.

Label Reading

Why is a stated "Serving Size" often far less than the amount an average adult eats in one serving? Why might a product tout itself as being "Trans-fat Free" even though it lists Hydrogenated Oils in the ingredients? Just how bad are artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors, and preservatives?  The answers to these and many other questions are answered in this article.

The Power of Food: Basics
While many believe it is very important what types of foods you eat, I believe it actually may be more important how you eat than what you eat. This is of course provided we are talking about foods, as opposed to "food-like substances" (as Michael Pollan puts it).

The Healing Properties of Green Tea

The ancient beverage "Team" steeped from the camellia sinensis plant, has been thought for more than a thousand years to be thought of as a highly medicinal beverage. Now Western science is beginning to prove some of the claims that ancient wisdom has taught us about tea. This article details the ancient wisdom and juxtaposes it with information from the latest studies.

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