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MindBodyHerbs uses Chinese and Japanese styles of needling technique to provide a gentle yet powerful treatment  that works to correct imbalances in the body’s flow of Qi  (pronounced “chee”). MindBodyHerbs offers general acupuncture to relieve a variety of complaints and specializes in weight management, diabetes, emotional issues, allergies, colds and flus, digestive ailments, pain, and dermatology.


Acupuncture originated in ancient China 2,000 to 6,000 years ago. Along with Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture is presently one of the world's main disciplines of primary medical care, serving more than one fourth of the world's population. Acupuncturists recognize pathways (meridians) of energy through which blood and Qi (life force energy) circulate throughout the body. These pathways connect all of the internal organs with the rest of the body. When imbalances or blockages arise in a person's energetic system due to stress, injury, overexertion, overeating or any other reason; pain and illness will result. Acupuncturists use these meridians for diagnosis and treatment. Inserting needles, massaging or applying heat to the meridians and acupuncture points can promote healing, increase circulation, stop pain, reduce inflammation, strengthen one's constitution, regulate and improve the function of the internal organs, build up the immune system, calm the mind and produce a feeling of well being and peace.
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