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MindBodyHerbs prescribes herbal prescriptions in pill, powder, or tea for restoring and maintaining body balance. A highly beneficial adjunct to acupuncture and bodywork, Chinese herbs are often incorporated into a whole-body healing regime to deepen and prolong the effects of accompanying treatments.


Herbal medicine is by itself a powerful method of healing. Western drugs are usually used to control symptoms, but do not address underlying root causes or alter the disease process. For example: antibiotics kill bacteria, but do not improve a person's resistance to infection; diuretics drain excess fluid from the body, but do not improve the kidney's ability to regulate fluids. Chinese herbs can aid the body in healing from disease. Herbs also nourish and balance the body in very specific ways, thereby improving organ function and building up a person's constitution and immune system.

Traditionally Chinese herbs were given as very strong teas. However, times have changed! We now prescribe herbal pills or powders (that have been concentrated in a sophisticated process called "spray-drying") because they are more convenient and easier to administer.

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