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MindBodyHerbs offers individual or group instruction in Qi Gong, which is the ancient practice of aligning breath, movement, and awareness for exercise, healing, and meditation. Instruction is available in Wild Goose Qi Gong, Five Element Qi Gong, and self-Shiatsu. Specific Qi Gong movements can be added to any wellness prescription your
individual condition
may warrant.


The practice of Wild Goose (or Dayan) Qi Gong consists of warm-up exercises, meditation and movement. The 64 movements in each of the Dayan Qi Gong sets, circulate qi and blood throughout the 12 main organs and meridians, and the 8 extraordinary meridians studied in Chinese medicine. Dayan qi gong was developed 1,700 years ago by the monk Dao An, who followed the daily rituals of wild geese. Until very recently, Dayan Qi Gong was kept relatively secret, and was passed down only from one disciple to another. Grandmaster Yang Mei Jun was the 27th generation heir, having learned the from her grandfather. She lived until the age of 108. David's teacher, Master Hui Liu, was a student of Yang Mei Jun. The Chinese government has certified 11 styles of Qi Gong to be efficacious for the prevention of disease. Wild Goose (Dayan) is one of those 11 forms.
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