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David's 2013 Weekend Calendar

Wilbur Hot Springs Hotel Resort

3375 Wilbur Springs Road
Williams, CA 95987

  • January 19--20
  • February - not available
  • March 16--17
  • April 6--7
  • Mary 11--12
  • June 8--9
  • September 21--22
  • Octber 19--20
  • November 2--3
  • December 14--15

For reservations and more information, please call 530-473-2306 or email

Click here for directions to Wilbur Hot Springs.


Specialty Services available at Wilbur Hot Springs

Please Note: If you wish to hear more about David's services or make an appointment, you may call me or email David at any time. Please reserve email for basic questions and scheduling; if you would like to discuss private matters or other issues, please call David at 510-684-0926.

Important: MindBodyHerbs do not provide advice, treatment, or emergency care via email. If you require emergency medical care, please call 911 or go to the nearest hospital or emergency room. 

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